Bubble Ladies®

“Art, like a piece of work born, accomplished or not is a powerful incentive to share and exchange emotions.” 

-Arthur Grandjean-

Bubble Ladies® are pleased to present the pieces of work of Menelaw Sete,

Sponsored by AG-Arthur Grandjean Champagne ®

Menelaw Sete

Is a Bahian painter, nicknamed the Brazilian Picasso.
Menelaw is Painter, Musician and Singer as well and animated by the colors of life, joy, optimism, human warmth. He arises a feast for eyes and spirit to his fans.  His particular style combined to his strong personality deserve the admiration of celebrities like Oscar Niemeyer, Emerson Fittipaldi, His Majesty Mohamed VI, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Pierre Meynadier among many others…


-Art and Champagne-

Art is as magic as Champagne to unify humanness. It provokes a desire to immerse our mind in a dream to widen the scope of pleasure and ecstasy of the taste. This is every time a special moment, far from our everyday life.

Menelaw Sete, Salvador de Bahia 07-04-2019